• Product Review - MTNTK Blow Hole

    Get cold air in and hot air out with the MTNTK blow hole.

  • Product Review - Sled Solutions Carry All Bag

    Tired of not having a place to put all of your things you use frequently on your machine...check out the Sled Solutions Carry All bag

  • Product Review - SnowPulse Highmark Pitch

    The SnowPulse Pitch pack is my favorite Avy bag. Check out why!

  • Product Review - Skinz

    Check out a few of the Skinz products that are a must on my sled each year.

  • Product Review - EVS

    If you're sledding without a ballistic jersey, you'll soon regret it. Learn why in this video.

  • Product Review - Alternative Impact A-Arms

    A narrow front end makes technical riding in the backcountry WAY easier. Check out my experiences with Alternative Impacts Titanium and Chromoly front ends.

  • Product Review - 509 C2 Carbon Helmet

    Whether on my sled or on my head, carbon fiber is bad ass!

  • Product Review - 509 Burandt Aviators

    Want the best peripheral vision in the backcountry...check out the 509 Aviators.

  • Product Review - 509 Burandt Sinister X-5

    The X5 goggle from 509 is my go to each and everyday. See what makes this goggle my personal favorite.

  • Product Review - Skinz Airloc Running Boards

    Introducing the brand new Skinz Airloc running boards. This new product is a game changer!

  • Product Review - Skinz Arc
  • Product Review - North Cascade Sled Decks

    Ross Robinson walks you through all the features and benefits of the North Cascade Sled Deck. www.ncsleddecks.com

  • Product Review - Frankensled Helmet Light

    Ross Robinson reviews the Frankensled Backcountry Flashlight Kit http://shop.burandtsbackcountryadventure.com/product/frankensled-backcountry-8-4-flashlight-kit

  • Product Review - What's in our avalanche packs?

    What do you carry in your pack? "Safety Sahen Skinner" comes at you with a quick overview on the essential equipment to carry in the backcountry. The BBA Teams relies on the Mammut Element transceiver, light shovel and 240 fast-lock probe in combination with the Highmark by Snowpulse Pitch avalanche pack to help keep us prepared and safe as possible! http://shop.burandtsbackcountryadventure.com/

  • Product Review - Skinz Burandt Edition Framless Seat

    Ryan Berchtold reviews the Skinz Burandt Edition Frameless Seat for the Pro RMK http://shop.burandtsbackcountryadventure.com/product/skinz-protective-gear-polaris-freeride-seat

  • Product Review - ArcticFX Graphics

    Considering a wrap for your sled? Sahen Skinner talks about ArcticFX Wraps and why we wrap all of our sleds. #MakeitYours www.arcticfxgraphics.com

  • Product Review - TKI Gear Down and Tensioner

    Safety Sahen talks to you about the TKI Belt Tensioner Kit. http://shop.burandtsbackcountryadventure.com/product/c3-syncrodrive-2013-2014-polaris-pro-rmk-tensioner-assy

  • Product Review - 2Cool Air Vents

    Ryan Berchtold gives you a quick overview of why we run the 2Cool Air Vents here at Burandt's Backcountry Adventure. Whether you have a stocker or full mod turbo, 2Cool vents are a must for keeping any sled cool!
    Get your Burandt edition side vents at the BBA Online Store: http://shop.burandtsbackcountryadventure.com/product/2-cool-air-vents-w-burandt-icon-logo

  • Product Review - How Trails West Trailers are built
  • Product Review - Patrick Custom Carbon Lightweight Clutches

    Chris reviews the Patrick Custom Carbon - carbon fiber clutch cover, and their machining and balancing service. Less rotating mass = more power! And balancing provides a smoother running sled and longer belt life.

  • Product Review - Skinz Adjustable Brake Lever

    Riding with a finger on the brake is one of the most important skills to master when riding the technical stuff. Do you have a hard time reaching the brake lever, or find it's just not comfortable? Well...the adjustable brake lever from Skinz makes it easy now! And, an optional heated version makes it even better! Check it out here!!

  • Product Review - Skinz CRBN-AIR Seat

    More Grip, lighter weight . . . the new Skinz CRBN-Air Seat for the Axys.

  • Product Review - Skinz Burandt Bumpers

    Ross Robinson with a quick overview of the new lightweight front and rear Skinz Burandt Edition Bumpers for the Axys.

  • Product Review - Skinz Burandt Shorty ProTube Running Board

    Lighter weight and less stucks with the new Skinz Burandt Shorty ProTube Running Board.

  • Product Review - Skinz Arc

    What is the Skinz ARC? Chris explains the remote coupling system called ARC by Skinz Protective Gear for the 2015-2016 season. . .

  • Product Review - Burandt Edition FOX QS3 Shocks

    The new Burandt Edition FOX QS3 Shocks for the 2015-2016 season reviewed by Chris

  • Product Review - 3.2" Camso Track

    The new 3.2" Camso Track

  • Product Review - 2016 Burandt Bags

    Trying to decide which tunnel bag to choose for your sled? Here's a review of the 2016 Burandt Bag lineup from Chris.

  • Product Review - 509 Burandt Helmet and Goggles

    Chris reviews all the benefits of the Burandt Edition 509 Carbon Fiber Helmet and Goggle Combo for the 2015-2016 Season

  • Product Review - Snowpulse and Mammut avalanche gear

    People often ask us what avalanche safety gear we use and recommend. Here's the scoop from Ross Robinson here at BBA! Be safe - ride another day!!