• Riding Tip - Foot Placement

    Foot placement on your sled is a big deal. This video talks about where to have your feet when riding in the steep and deep.

  • Riding Tip - Over Committing

    When you're going down a hill that you don't want to lose your edge on, it's important to over commit into the hill. Learn how in this video.

  • Riding Tip - Counter Steering

    Counter steering is a must have maneuver out in the backcountry. Check out how and why we use this riding technique for everything.

  • Riding Tip - Zero Turn

    Sometimes you get yourself into a bind and need to turn around in a tight space. Learn how in this video.

  • Riding Tip - Getting Unstuck #1

    Getting stuck stinks! However, there are certain techniques you can use to save your energy and let the machine do the work...check it out!

  • Riding Tip - Losing & Recovering A Counter Steer

    This video is your go to for learning how to recover from loosing your counter steer. This is a must out in the backcountry!

  • Riding Tip - Sidehilling

    Sidehilling is another one of those mandatory techniques that has to be mastered to get farther back into the backcountry. This video will help you become a sidehilling ninja!

  • Riding Tip - Getting Unstuck #2

    Chris demonstrates with the help of a couple clients, one of the many tricks to getting your sled unstuck while in technical backcountry terrain.

  • Riding Tip - Using the Mtn. Bar to Recover a Sidehill

    Normally we implement the "use it or lose it" rule when it comes to the Mtn. Bar, but this is the one scenario where it's ok!!

  • Riding Tip - Axys Re-entry #1

    How to do a re-entry

  • Riding Tip - Axys Hopover, #1

    How to do a hopover

  • Riding Tip - Axys Hopover, #2

    How to do a hopover

  • Riding Tip - Axys Re-Entry #2

    How to do a re-entry

  • Riding Tip - Keeping the sled on top of the snow

    This simple maneuver can be the difference of getting stuck and not!

  • Riding Tip - Controlled Downhill Descent

    Keep your sled in control and on your line as you descend steep terrain.

  • Riding Tip - Sidehilling with little effort

    You don't have to sidehill with one hand, but with proper balance, throttle control and counter steer, the machine will do most of the work. Check it out!!

  • Riding Tip - Keeping your sled on edge in technical terrain

    Chris walks you through the importance of the "wrong foot forward" technique to help keep your sled on edge when sidehilling technical terrain.

  • Riding Tip - Controlled Steep Sidehilling

    Trenching is good . . . sometimes!

  • Riding Tip - Initializing Your Line on Edge

    The most important thing when approaching any steep terrain is coming in on edge and in a counter steer position. Don't look down!!

  • Riding Tip - Getting Your Weight off the Sled

    Here's a quick clip on the importance of removing your weight from the sled as you navigate obstacles in technical terrain. The key is to keep your momentum up!

  • Riding Tip - Steep Sidehilling

    Take your sidehilling to the next level with these tips and tricks. . . maybe throw in an Elevator to really step things up!!

  • Riding Tip - Keeping your edge on a steep sidehill

    Watch and learn some of the tricks associated with carving a steep sidehill. The ability of the new Axys chassis to stick to a steep hill is pretty amazing!

  • Riding Tip - How To Stop on a Sidehill

    How to stop and maintain your sled on edge on a steep sidehill

  • Riding Tip - Controlling the Pitch of your Sled

    Here's a few tips on how to control the pitch of your sled as you navigate steep and technical terrain

  • Riding Tip - How to Ride Ruts

    Chris explains how to navigate through and use ruts when riding in the backcountry