• Tech Tip - Bar Setup

    Handlebar position along with throttle and brake location are hugely important. Learn how we set up our controls in this video.

  • Tech Tip - Bad Weight Bushings

    Have you ever lost RPMs while riding and wondered why? It might be time to change your weight bushings.

  • Tech Tip - Changing Weights

    A Pro Access Burandtv.com member asked:

    How do I change my clutch weights?

    Answer: In this video we explain how to change the weights on your sled. To get the maximum performance out of your sled you'll want to make sure you have the proper weights in your clutch. If you need to change weights here's how it's done.

  • Tech Tip - Tool Kit

    It's important to be prepared when you're out in the backcountry. See what we carry with us each and every day.

  • Tech Tip - Track Tension

    Track tension plays a big role performance wise for your machine. Check out what we look for with regards to proper track tension..

  • Tech Tip - Replacing Weight Bushings

    Weight bushings are an important, yet inexpensive replacement for your clutch. Replace them often. This video shows you how.

  • Tech Tip - Pre Ride Checklist

    Before you go out riding, you're going to want check several things before each ride.

  • Tech Tip - Rear Suspension Setup

    Rear suspension set up is critical for deep snow performance, handling on the trail and the overall feel of your machine. This video explains what we look for set up wise.

  • Tech Tip - Pre Season Checklist

    Getting your sled ready for the season is priority one so you can enjoy your time on the snow instead of working on your sled when the white stuff is on the ground. Here are my top 5 things to look for!

  • Tech Tip - Ski Stance

    Ever wonder why your sled dives when trying to do a pow turn? Or why it's handles poorly on the trail? Maybe it's time to check your ski stance!

  • Tech Tip - Replacing Primary Spring

    A bronke or worn out primary spring could be affecting your sleds performance big time! . This video walks you through exactly how to get this job done.

  • Tech Tip - Installing FOX Float 3 Evol RC2 Shocks

    Sahen Skinner and Ross Robinson walk you through the installation of the Burandt Edition FOX Float 3 Evol RC2 shock kits, both front and rear.

  • Tech Tip - Installing RSI Burandt 5" Handlebars

    Lower bars are a must for technical backcountry riding. Ross Robinson takes you through the install process of the RSI Burandt 5" handlebars.

  • Tech Tip - Removing and Reinstalling the Rear Skid

    Learn the best way to remove and replace the rear skid from your sled.

  • Tech Tip - Replacing the Pro RMK Quick Drive Belt

    Erik at Vohk Performance will show you how to replace the Polaris Pro RMK quick drive belt, whether you're in the field or in the shop!

  • Tech Tip - Chaincase Maintenance

    Erik at Vohk Performance discusses the importance of chain case maintenance and how to service your chain case.

  • Tech Tip - Understanding Octane

    Erik from Vohk Performance talks about different fuels and the importance of keeping consistent with your fuel for optimal performance.

  • Tech Tip - New Snowmobile Setup

    Chris Burandt and Erik at Vohk Performance review how to set up your new RMK after you take delivery from the dealer.

  • Tech Tip - Installing Vohk RMK Frame Reinforcement Plates

    Erik from Vohk Performance walks you through the steps necessary to install the Vohk Frame Reinforcement plates for your Polaris RMK. The reinforcement plates prevent chassis bend in the footwell area caused by a-arm impacts know to plague the RMK.

  • Tech Tip - Handlebar Alignment

    Erik at Vohk Performance reviews the relationship between the skis and handlebars and how to align things correctly if they are out of adjustment

  • Tech Tip - Installing a Camoplast 174 x 3

    Watch step by step as Chris Burandt and Ross Robinson transform a 2015 Pro RMK 163 into a 174 x 3

  • Tech Tip - Installing a Skinz Concept Front End Kit

    Sahen Skinner and Jake from Skinz walk you through the installation of a Skinz 37" Concept Front End kit

  • Tech Tip - Break In Procedure

    Got a new sled? Here's some tips from Chris on how to break in the motor correctly.

  • Tech Tip - Axys RMK Belt Deflection

    Belt deflection is critical on any sled, here's why!

  • Tech Tip - How to Install the SLP High Flow Intake

    How to install the SLP High Flow Air Intake Kit for the Polaris Axys RMK