• Webisode - Chile Preperations

    Holy logistics!!! Chile sounded like a good idea until we actually started to get things ready for the big trip south...

  • Webisode - Getting to Chile, 2014

    Talk about an adventure of a lifetime!!! Follow us as we head down to South America to ride snowmobiles in August!

  • Webisode - Powder In August

    Does it get any better than doing powder turns in the middle of August...I think not!

  • Webisode - Carbon Turbo Sled Build

    I finally got a chance to build my dream sled. A 399lb Boondocker boosted snowmobile that absolutely blew my mind. Check out the full build here!!!

  • Webisode - RZR Day - Snow

    Another epic day on the snow in the RZR's. If only you could see how big the smiles were under our helmets!! What an adventure!

  • Webisode - Turbo Rip #1

    You guys all know how much I love riding turbo's. The sound of 12lbs of Boondocker boost will put a smile on your face!!

  • Webisode - RZR Days - Burandt's New Track

    It amazing to see how far the Polaris RZR's have come. Burandt's new RZR track filled with with crazy death gaps were about to challenge these bad boy machines in a big way!

  • Webisode - RZR Days - Hitting The Track

    Pretty simple...hit every jump as fast as your RZR will go and hopefully you'll make it!

  • Webisode - Snowbikes

    Another cool new experience for me and the boys was putting a leg over a Timbersled snow bike. These things were a blast and an absolute riot to watch us struggle in our own element!

  • Webisode - Vintage Day

    You have to love the old school sleds! This was probably one of the funnest days on the snow for me and the boys last year. This is a must see!

  • Webisode - Turbo Rip "Raw"

    Turbo time raw and uncut!

  • Webisode - Turbo Rip #2

    Life is good at 12 lbs of boost!

  • Webisode - BBA Crew

    BBA Crew Rip Session

  • Webisode - Turbo Rip #3 Carbon Sled

    Burandt rips through the backcountry on his 390 lb. Boondocker turbo carbon / titanium sled

  • Webisode - First Ride of the '14-'15 season

    The BBA Team hits the snow for the first ride of the '14 - '15 season

  • Webisode - Carbon Turbo 2.0

    Chris reviews the updates made to the Carbon sled for the '14-'15 season along with a backcountry rip session

  • Webisode - X Games 2015 Hillcross

    Get an Inside look at Chris's X Games 2015 HillCross sled and review of the race from Chris

  • Webisode - TBT #1 - Dragon Days

    Throwback Thursday Webisode #1 - Take a trip back to the days of the Dragon and Chris rippin' the backcountry on his Boondocker Boosted Polaris Assault

  • Webisode - Carbon Pow Day

    Burandt destroying super deep Colorado pow on the Boondocker Carbon Turbo sled we call Voodoo!

  • Webisode - Eleanor Overview and Rip Session

    Get an inside look at the 2015 Pro RMK 800 Boondocker Turbo 163 we call Eleanor, along with Burandt laying down some sweet lines on her!

  • Webisode - Carbon Turbo Sled For Sale

    Chris walks you through the upgrades made to his Carbon Turbo Sled this year, including some great footage of the sled in action in the backcountry of CO! This sled is for sale... here's your chance to own the ultimate backcountry weapon!! please contact Chris at burandtsbackcountryadventure@gmail.com for more details and pricing.

  • Webisode - Eleanor Overview

    Chris goes through all the cool goodies on this 2015 Pro RMK 163 Boondocker Turbo we call "Eleanor"

  • Webisode - Burandt on the 2016 Axys RMK

    How about some up close action of Burandt on the new game changing Axys Pro?! . . Here is "next"!

  • Webisode - Crested Butte 2015 Ultimate Snowmobiler

    The BBA Team hits the hill (literally) at the 2015 Crested Butte Ultimate Snowmobiler Event. Check out all of the carnage...I mean action here!!

  • Webisode - Ross Robinson's First Boondocker Turbo

    Ride along with Ross Robinson in his second year at BBA, as he rips his first Pro RMK 800 Boondocker Turbo "Golden Boy" through the backcountry of Colorado.

  • Webisode - Getting to Chile, 2015

    And so the adventure begins.... fly along with Burandt and the Team as they travel to Chile on the Ultimate Adventure! Ride with the BBA Team this August in the Andes Mountains of Chile and see why summer doesn't suck!

  • Webisode - 2015 Chile Riding Adventure

    Here's a glimpse into our world of backcountry snowmobiling in Chile at Burandt's Backcountry Adventure - August 2015 . . . follow along on the ultimate adventure of a lifetime!!

  • Webisode - Tour the BBA Lodge

    Take a stroll through Burandt's Backcountry Adventure lodge! Our private accommodations in Buena Vista are equally unmatched. Available as part of your backcountry experience is world-class luxury lodging at our exclusive Colorado mountain lodge, including all-inclusive first class meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With over 6,400 square feet, this custom log-built lodge, known as La Mancha, rests on 11 acres set against a backdrop of the largest concentration of 14,000 foot peaks in the nation near Buena Vista, CO.

  • Webisode - Ross Robinson on the 2016 AXYS RMK

    Ross Robinson with a nice little edit showcasing the backcountry capabilities of the 2016 Axys.

  • Webisode - Vintage Day 2

    Grab your open face helmet, it's Vintage Day part 2! Don't miss this one, with special guest star Skinnerme Timbers! Remember the 3 rules to making a hill: 1) Never go first because you need to cheat in the track 2) Never let out! EVER! 3) If all else fails, take the hood off, throw the candy bars to the side and GET IT DONE!!

  • Webisode - Early Season 2015/2016 Testing & Riding

    The start to the 2015/2016 season here in Colorado has been great! Here's a little on snow action of the BBA Team. . .

  • Webisode - Burandt's Titanium Turbo Axys

    Burandt's 2016 Titanium Boondocker Turbo Axys build review and first day on the snow!

  • Webisode - A day with Ross Robinson

    Here's an inside look at a day in the life of Ross Robinson here at BBA!

  • Webisode - Busta Lime in Action

    Chris Burandt and his 2016 Axys RMK Boondocker Sidekick Turbo known as "Busta Lime" in action through the backcountry of Colorado!

  • Free Webisode - Grizzly Lodge

    Technical terrain and deep powder awaits just outside the comforts of Grizzly Lodge. Nestled remotely in the mountains between Shuswap Lake and Adams Lake in the Southern Interior of British Columbia, Grizzly Lodge offers over 120 sq. km of riding terrain and has an annual snowfall of 15+ feet! Chris Burandt and the BBA Team will provide an intense backcountry adventure for the advanced mountain rider looking to spend time navigating through terrain you once thought impossible to negotiate. This adventure will test your skills to the fullest and completely change the way you look at mountain riding forever!

    Contact Grizzly Lodge to book your adventure with the BBA Team today:

    Phone: 250-554-0247 Email: info@grizzlylodge.ca